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Cheerons was founded in the year 2015 in the Silicon City Bangalore. Cheerons major focus is on providing training in Digital marketing, UI and UX designing. The below reviews of our candidates shows that how happy they are with our training and placement support.
Cheerons is one of the Top & Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore. We offer “Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore” with Placements. “We at Chee-Ron’s believe at the concept of “Learning by doing” and hence practice the same extensively.”

Cheerons Review by Dr. PT. Prabhu Sanker

🎓Chee-Ron's - Advanced Digital Marketing Training InstituteCheerons Reviews by Dr. PT. Prabhu Sanker

In the above video, Dr.PT. C.N Prabhu Sanker a sports physiotherapist who wanted to promote his own business came to Chee-Ron's to explore the world of digital marketing. He shares his feedback on his learning experience at Chee-Ron's.


IN TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD One of the very recent news buzzing in the net is regarding the shutdown of the Facebook robot after it invented its own language. Researchers noticed that Artificial Intelligence they had created has started to make up their own code words. Even though it initially sound rubbish, later it became clear that the machines – nicknamed Bob and Alice – were actually communicating with one another. Days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence (AI) was the biggest risk, the social media giant Facebook had to pull the plug on the AI system that its researchers were working on "because things got out of hand". The trouble was, while the bots were rewarded for negotiating with each other, they were not rewarded for negotiating in English, which led the bots to develop a language of their own. In another technological development in business


What is a start-up? Any newly established organization for business purposes or non-profit reasons can be called as a start-up. All corporate in existence was once a start-up, the majority raised from scratch through blood and sweat by those who worked for it. The term which was not so familiar with the general public about 5-10 years back gained huge importance with the quick success of many brands like Amazon, AlibabaFlipkart, Myntra etc,. in our country. There are many who have won and lost in the start-up war. Many have withstood the difficulties they have faced and many have risen and fallen due to a million reasons. Start-ups also provide a platform to many individuals who want to have a start in the corporate field.
Starting up your own venture is one of the most exhilarating business. Some of the big questions that the entrepreneurs face are how to reach masses, how to make your business resonate, how to drive your business results, how to be successful, and how to fulfill yo…


The most recent update regarding, going pro-digital in India will be of Jio. On July 21st Ambani has announced that Reliance Jio will offer free 4G-enabled phones to all its subscribers, although buyers will have to put down a “fully refundable” one-time security deposit of Rs1,500. Ambani has mentioned that Jio is specifically targeting crores of Indians who are still not able to access digital empowerment. This single move by Reliance Jio will likely break tariff barriers in India, one of the world’s largest telecom markets, where even today, only one in three users can afford a smartphone. With one stroke, not only has Reliance Jio promised a data-filled life for these low-end telecom customers, this single move is likely to also shake up India’s telecom market like never before.
About 323 million people in India accessed the internet through their mobile phones in 2016, which corresponds to about 24.3 percent of the country’s population. Both figures are forecast to increase in th…


Change is inevitable. Everything & anything changes according to time and situations. What all we see today is an up gradation of previously existing things and ideas. Marketing, which we see today is a completely different version than it was a 100 hundred years ago. The methods of advertisement and promotion techniques have changed a great deal according to time and situations. World of marketing has turned completely Digital and today companies are competing themselves to increase their presence in the online world. Funny thing is that Digital Marketing itself is a field where updating happen on a constant basis. The marketers should keep on learning according to the changes that happen in the industry.
In this article let's take a look into some of the most recent trends in Digital Marketing of 2017.
1.Multichannel Marketing Gaining More ImportanceThe number of platforms where we can reach our customers has continued to grow at an amazing speed after the introduction of Digi…


Herbert Marshall McLuhan, the media professor and philosopher who predicted the internet, that too 35 years ago before the medium was created, was honored today by Google Doodle in regards with his 106th birthday. Marshall McLuhan. The illustrated doodle subtly shows us, how he viewed the evolution of communication systems as he believed that the medium is more important than the actual message. The acoustic age, where communication was done orally; the literary age, which begins with the invention of writing; the print age, beginning with the invention of the printing press; and the electronic age, the broadcasting of information through computers.