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IN TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD One of the very recent news buzzing in the net is regarding the shutdown of the Facebook robot after it invented its own language. Researchers noticed that Artificial Intelligence they had created has started to make up their own code words. Even though it initially sound rubbish, later it became clear that the machines – nicknamed Bob and Alice – were actually communicating with one another. Days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence (AI) was the biggest risk, the social media giant Facebook had to pull the plug on the AI system that its researchers were working on "because things got out of hand". The trouble was, while the bots were rewarded for negotiating with each other, they were not rewarded for negotiating in English, which led the bots to develop a language of their own. In another technological development in business


Before going deeply into this, we should first know, why Bangalore?
Bangalore is one of the best places in the world to live in. The capital city is home to almost 10.1 million people from different parts of India and from around the world. If you check online you can find blogs, entertaining stories, and even romantic songs about the city. Bangaloreans are known to be very friendly, welcoming and respectable people. You can see that just by observing the number of Indians from other states and even foreigners who have been living in this city for years.


Imagine that you have to buy a product which is new to the market. You can Google about the product, view the company’s website, look at the reviews, but if you have a friend who has already bought the product, it’s no secret that you will trust his/her words more than anything. Influencer marketing works on the same concept. It’s said that ten years ago, it took a customer a minimum of four exposures to an ad before they took action regarding it. Today it takes a minimum of 16 exposures before a customer takes action. Companies are marketing their products through whatever media they can which might result in its overexposure eventually leading to the decreased level of interest in customers.
Influencer Marketing emerged and is becoming successful because of this reason. Even though Influencer Marketing is still fresh in the industry, it’s quickly proving to be one of the most effective social strategies, both cost wise and conversion wise for all kinds of businesses. The trust fact…


Finally, the weekend has arrived. All the pressure, cribbing on work, gossiping about colleagues can take a break for the next two days. Right now there will be many sitting in their office cubicles thinking about partying, traveling to hometown or going away to the outskirts of the city to escape from the traffic and for peace. But where will you go?

If it was a few years back, you would have to find the phone number of the clubs or resorts from directories, call them up, check the availability and had to beg to book a table or a room for you and your friends. If it was a bike trip with your friends you would have to ask around regarding the places, ask everyone on the road for directions.
But thanks to the Internet, everything is available online right now. Nowadays, there are apps through which you can visit the online pages of multiple clubs and view their services. You can view the images of the clubs, check the availability or book tables. This doesn’t stop with clubs. You can jus…


There is an old saying that “A man is known by his work”. It actually means how he is seen in the society, how good is he to others etc,. If we look at this in a corporate viewpoint, it can have a meaning that a man will be known by his skill sets, in the sense what all he can do to make a profit for the companies.
Having multi skills in today’s world is a common thing. Everybody wants their resume to be filled with whatever they can put and get benefited from it. But what matters is the quality of what you put in, how good you are in it and how it will benefit you.
Learning a new skill might be hard for the majority of the people because it’s hard to learn something new while they are already having their regular work. Simple answer for this is engaging in something which is familiar and easy to you. Digital Marketing is one of those fields where anyone who has skills in social media, marketing, analytics, videography or even content writing skills can engage in.