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AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
“Making money through online by Blogging & YouTube channels”- We all must have seen banner ads or pop ups like this while surfing net. Many may consider this as hoax or links that might take them to harmful websites filled with viruses. But making money through blogging is something which is actually possible using certain techniques of Digital Marketing mainly Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing.

Google AdSense

Do AdSense & Make Money
Google AdSense
You might have seen ads on websites pages but don’t really know why they are there. This is Google AdSense or AdSense to many people. Google AdSense is an advertising program in which publishers can display Google advertisements on their own Web sites and earn revenue from hits that generate traffic for the Google search engines. Businesses of all sizes worldwide can be represented in multiple languages through Google AdSense. AdSense is a filtered expansion of the concept behind banner - ad sharing arrangements that have been in use for years. If a person clicks on the Google ad from publisher’s website then Google pay to publishers on basis of PPC (pay-per-click) and PPI (pay-per-impression). Moreover, AdSense allows publishers to make money by displaying Google ads on their blogs and sites. If you have good traffic to the website, then Google AdSense can generate high revenue for you.

There are many benefits for using AdSense. It’s a passive income so you don’t really have to interact with customers or create an email list. All you need to do is set up the ads accordingly to your website. You don’t have to constantly create fresh content to post for it. It’s easy to create multiple pages with this program which can generate small amounts. Over time it can quickly add up to a bigger amount. There’s no need to update or change anything on the ad as it will change accordingly after the Google Bots/Crawl's visit. You can also earn revenue by using AdSense through YouTube channels.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate & Make Money
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the process of selling or promoting products that belongs to a seller for a commission. It is a form of marketing where you are able to refer someone to any product online and when that person buys the referred product, you are then paid through commission, the percentage of the sales or according to the agreement between you (the publisher) and the seller. In Affiliate Marketing, a publisher advertises merchant’s product in their own website. If a visitor makes a purchase of merchant’s product from publisher’s website than publisher get the commission. Also, this ad program allows the merchant to expand its brand reach in the market. Besides, Publishers can make money by generating sales for merchant’s business.

Same as AdSense there are many benefits for using Affiliate Marketing. You can choose the niche you want as well as the products to sell depending on what you know best. It can be a long term business model with a steady source of income for years to come. Your asset will grow in a matter of years. The income is much higher than AdSense. You get to see how much you are making per sale which makes it easier to plan your next move. You can choose how you wish to be paid; Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale and so on.

Both AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are similar in the fact that, advertising a product can earn you commissions. With AdSense, you can basically just have the advertisement viewed and you will earn a small commission but with Affiliate marketing, you are promoting a product for a company and in turn, you can earn a substantially higher commission if customers buy. Also, most affiliate companies like Flipkart, Amazon etc., will offer promotions, upsells and downsells where you can earn more money which you will not get with Adsense.

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